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As the 2019 novel coronavirus (新型冠状病毒肺炎) officially became a pandemic, mg手游采取了前所未有的措施来保护学生, 教职员及职员.

Initially Coe extended spring break by one week to allow 教职员及职员 to monitor the progress of the virus and prepare to move to online teaching modalities, 如果有必要的话, 并打算于3月30日重返校园教学.

随着新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情的持续演变, on 3月 16 the college instructed all nonessential staff to begin working from home to implement recommended social-distancing practices. The college remains operational and open for business even though most offices are operating remotely.

In light of the trajectory of the virus and government guidelines limiting gatherings to 10 people, on 3月 18 Coe made the difficult decision to move classes online for the remainder of the term and postpone all graduation activities. Plans were made to ensure all 学生 would be able to complete their courses and seniors would be able to complete their degrees. 3月24日,科宣布 毕业典礼活动 honoring the Class of 2020 will be held 10月 17-18 at Homecoming.

The current situation is not what we envisioned for our 学生 or campus community but the steps taken were necessary to protect the health and safety of the Coe community. For those wishing to help our 学生 during this challenging time, click here for details on 如何提供支持.

Throughout this time of uncertainty, Kohawks are encouraged to visit alumni.dangerousanimalsmusic.com/covid-19 获取更新和其他信息.


# KohawkDay推迟

Coe has made the difficult but necessary decision to postpone #KohawkDay, Coe’s annual day of giving.

In light of the many challenges the coronavirus pandemic has placed on our community, 国家与世界, Coe believes it is best to not distract people from their highest personal and professional priorities at this time. #KohawkDay has always been a day to celebrate what it means to be proud alumni, 学生, 朋友, mg手游的教职员工. mg手游希望能把这个庆祝的日子改到6月初, 等待新型冠状病毒肺炎危机的最新进展. We will provide an update once a new date has been chosen to celebrate #KohawkDay.

Because we still have the ability to connect with the Coe community through social media, 4月 2 will now be a day of gratitude devoted to sharing our appreciation for Kohawks on the front line and everyday heroes who are risking so much to keep us safe. We believe this will show our resilience and foster connection in our community, and we hope all Kohawks will follow along on our mg手游校友 social media pages on 4月 2.

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who supports our 学生. 点击此处查看 如何提供帮助 在此期间.


无论mg手游的学生在哪里, Coe 教职员及职员 are always here to support and encourage them.



从mg手游毕业五年后, 德莱尼·卡明斯15 住在华盛顿特区.C. She holds a master’s degree in museum studies and is working as a database management technician at Johns Hopkins University.

My experience at Coe prepared me for life after college by giving me confidence both inside and outside of the classroom. Also, I had the chance to have three internships at government agencies during my time at Coe. 这帮助我决定了我想进入哪个领域.

I worked for about two years at the National Czech and Slovak Museum and 图书馆 before beginning graduate school at George Washington University. Now I work full time for Johns Hopkins in their main campus library. 我非常感谢mg手游的教授们对我的信任. I wouldn’t be doing half of what I’m doing now if it weren’t for them.

Were there any Coe faculty or staff members who were especially influential or helpful for you in

有那么多! 尤其是克里斯蒂·沃尔夫和布丽·斯文森·阿诺德. They are two of my biggest role models and are such incredible professors and people. 我知道我可以向他们中的任何一个求助!

I have so many favorite Coe memories, but probably my top one was my May Term to Vietnam in 2014. It was an incredible trip, and I’m still close 朋友 with many of the Kohawks I traveled with.

我尽可能多地参加返校节. During any visit to the state of Iowa I try to come at least walk around campus. 我和一些我最喜欢的教授保持密切联系. They continue to support me and help me out even though I graduated five years ago. 我很喜欢在D区举办#KohawkDay欢乐时光.C.

mg手游说说你在科比之后的生活 分享你的故事 与mg手游.


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2019年12月, 已故艺术名誉教授鲍勃·科克和他的妻子, 琼, 分享了他们在mg手游几十年的故事和回忆. Watch the video to see the beloved couple’s impact on the art department and the entire Coe community.

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Mark your calendars and make plans to attend Homecoming from 10月 15-18, 2020. In addition to traditional festivities such as Brat 'n' Beverage and the All-校友 Celebration, mg手游将用特别的活动来表彰2020届毕业生. 所有校友, 朋友 and community members are invited to join them as they ring the Victory Bell and experience a Commencement celebration.